Oily Supplies – all things you may need on your oily journey!

Oily Supplies - For all the things you may need on your oily journey!
Oily Supplies – all things you may need on your oily journey!

**Oily Supplies Master List**

For all the things you may need on your oily journey!

*Rollers + Bottles*

16oz Spray Bottles:

amber: 2pk

amber: 6pk

clear: 6pk

15mL Glass bottles (for thieves samples)

Bottles/Rollers Bundle

Roller Bottles:



10mL Bamboo Rollers

30mL Roller

Mascara Tubes

Foaming Soap Dispensers

Travel Foaming Soap Dispensers

1oz Amber Dropper Bottle

2oz Amber Spray Bottle

10mL Dropper Bottles

15mL Bottles (I use these to give thieves cleaner samples in)

2mL Dropper bottles (to give oily samples with)

Droppers for 5mL Bottles

Droppers for 15mL Bottles

Mason Jars:


8oz quilted pattern

8oz Flat

4oz quilted pattern

Foaming soap pump top

*Carrier Oils*

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil I also use and love the Trader Joes one!

Rosehip Oil

Castor Oil

*Labels (note: most labels are customizable, so you can make them say whatever you want- I have them labeled as what I use them for)*

OilyMoon Essentials has amazing labels

Mermaid Hair

Stain Stick

Thieves Label

Oil Bottle Labels

⧫ YL also has their own branded ones: **item #3939 ** add them to your next order! *


Shower Diffuser

Scrubber Brush

Dr. Bronners Unscented Castille Soap – see my DIY Soaps Blog post HERE

Witch Hazel


Label Maker

Refillable Label stickers



**Oils + Glass Book** This book is chock full of so many awesome DIYs from hand cream, to bug spray, and roller recipes. It not only has adult dilution ratios, but also dilution ratios for the kiddos, making this book perfect for everyone! It also has DIYs for all stages of life!

**Essential Oils Pocket Reference // Desk Reference** This reference guide is the holy grail of all things oils! It has oil and product suggestions for sooo many ailments and will be your go to when you’re feeling some type of way! The pocket reference is the smaller version of the desk reference, so get what you prefer or what your wallet can afford (they do go on sale occasionally!)

**Gentle Babies** (also here) This book is your go-to for all things pregnancy/baby/postpartum. It’s chock full of testimonials and recipes and all the good stuff to help you on your journey as a new mom or an experienced one!

**Lucy Libido** The name of this book speaks for itself. Ill just leave that there 😉

**Supplements Desk Reference** If you have an interest in supplementation, this is your book! This book explains all of the supplements Young Living has, what each ingredient of each supplement does, how to use them, and whats in them.

**The Book** This book was created by our upline, Annie Hauser. It’s filled with information perfect for the beginner oiler, but can also be used for all oilers! From recipes to all YL info, tips, and info about different oils. It’s a great gift to give to anyone on your team!

Happy DIYing!