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About Me, Liz Loves

Hi friends! Welcome to Liz Loves, a style and wellness blog featuring all of my favorite things! Here is a little it about me, and what you’ll find here: outfit inspiration (which is where this blog started way back in 2013), low toxic living, recipes, nutrition tips, and my most recent passion- book reviews!

As a Registered Dietitian, I am a big advocate for eating real whole foods, and I believe that everything is fine in moderation! I love teaching people how to eat healthy to feel their best and not give up their favorite foods.

I share healthy meals on my Instagram, so follow me there to get some ideas. I hate doing more dishes than I have to, so simple, healthy, one pot wonders are my idea of the perfect meal. I’m also obsessed with Trader Joe’s and Costco, and share all of my hauls there!

My style is neutral, achievable, casual, and affordable. I’m a sale stalker and very rarely pay full price for things- where there’s a will to get something on sale, there’s a way- there’s always a way ;). I love simplicity, but I also love a good statement piece.

Instagram is my obsession (you can follow me HERE)  :)

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