Welcome to Liz Loves! A Style blog featuring my neutral obsession!
I started my blog way back in 2013 (reached my goal of posting EVERY SINGLE DAY that year!) and although my style has definitely evolved since then, I have come out with one main piece of advice: always stay true to your style and what makes you look/feel good!

I am a Dietitian by day and a blogger by night.

My style is neutral, achievable, casual, and affordable. I’m a sale stalker and very rarely pay full price for things- where there’s a will to get something on sale, there’s a way- there’s always a way ;). I love simplicity, but I also love a good statement necklace!

I share healthy meals on my Instagram, so follow me there to get some ideas. I hate doing more dishes than I have to, so simple, healthy, one pot wonders are my idea of the perfect meal.

Instagram is my obsession (you can follow me HERE)  🙂

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