Stuff Your Kindle/eReader Day

Stuff Your kindle/ereader day 2023

Today is Stuff your Kindle/eReader day! If you’re like me, you had no clue what that was up until 2 days ago lol. Basically, it’s an event run by and 4 days per year (March 31, June 30, Sept. 20, and Dec. 27) tons of books are FREE, yes, FREE! There is a full comprehensive OFFICIAL list of all of the available books HERE. This is apparently the only true list, as I have seen, and blindly followed, other lists which were not accurate (I’m looking at you Good Reads), so my bad on that!


All, if not most, of the books are romance books, as the website who is running this suggests. There are some romance/thriller suspense or fantasy etc. books, and other tropes which may tickle your fancy more, so keep an eye out for those. The RomanceBookworms website divides the available books into these categories nicely.

Books are not just available on Kindle and you do not need a Kindle in order to download free books. Books are available on Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play. I personally will be using my Kindle and the Kindle app I have on my phone. I have had the kindle app long before I got a Kindle. It syncs to my amazon account and books appear on the app or my kindle immediately after purchase. If you want to buy a Kindle, I would hold off until Prime Day! They will definitely be discounted then!

Make sure to check that the price is actually $0.00, and that it is NOT Kindle Unlimited- these are books that you own outright that you do not have to return. This is not Kindle Unlimited and you do not need Kindle Unlimited to participate in Stuff your Kindle/eReader day!

The list is very overwhelming, and without pictures of the books, I felt at a loss as to what to get, but I did see recommendations on tiktok and looked at the descriptions of my favorite genres within the romance sphere. Here is a list of the books I bought so far. I will keep added to it if I get more!

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