May 2022 – Book Review

May 2022 - Book Review
May 2022 – Book Review

Its that time again! Lets get into the May 2022 Book Review! This month was almost all series books! I finished up the Stillhouse Lake series, and BOY was it a doozy! Such a suspenseful series, I highly recommend. What is your favorite series??

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  1. Killman Creek by Rachel Caine :: 10/10⭐️. Wooooo! Another action packed heart thumping thriller! This book, second in the Stillhouse Lake series continues where the first left off. I can’t say much more than that so as to not ruin the first book! But let’s just say there’s a lot of guessing and wondering and no short supply of hearts racing!!! Highly recommend this series!
  2. Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine :: 9.5/10⭐️. The third installment of the Stillhouse Lake series is yet another heart pumping masterpiece! In a way it reminds me of the Taken franchise. Although this one takes a different turn, and doesn’t focus on the original plot, it’s still SO good. I audibly gasped a few times and got frustrated with the characters at other times, but once again, I was sucked right into the story!
  3. Bitter Falls by Rachel Caine :: 10/10⭐️. Book number 4 of the Stillhouse Lake series again has no short supply of heart racing drama! When Gwen investigates a missing young man, it leads her to discover some truly horrific things. I had some audible gasps all throughout the book, and as per usual, really felt for the characters. Also, I totally ALMOST cried at the end. Can’t wait for book 5!
  4. Heartbreak Bay by Rachel Caine :: 9/10⭐️ the final book in the Stillhouse Lake series, although my least favorite, still had some action packed scenes! This book had some chapters told from a different characters perspective. Although the book did not end on a cliff hanger, I felt it left room to expand the series. As you already know from the last 4 reviews, I would recommend this series ten times over! SO good!
  5. The lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner :: 9/10⭐️. Nella, an apothecary owner from 18th century London, sells well disguised poisons to women trying to rid themselves of men, and only men, who have wronged them. When 12 year old Eliza visits her in search of one such poison, Nella does not realize the repercussions her visit will have. Now we skip to present day where Caroline Parcewell takes an anniversary trip to London, without her husband- who cheated on her! On a trip down to the River Thames, Caroline comes across a bottle which seems to be from an apothecary. This spirals into a mystery Caroline must solve about a lost apothecary and a murderous owner. The book changes point of view between two characters from the 18th century, and one character from the present day. I really enjoyed the is book from the first chapter. It had me wanting more the whole way through! I did take off points because everything seemed to just so happen to go perfectly. But other than that i definitely recommend this book!