April 2022 – Book Review

April 2022 - Book Review
April 2022 – Book Review

Welcome to my April 2022 Book Review!

  1. The Guest List by Lucy Foley :: 8/10⭐️. This book was good, but I couldn’t really get into it! It had a really slow start, and a good twisty ending though. This mystery takes place on an island off the coast of Ireland where Jules and Will will be married. All of the guests boat in for the wedding but when the weather turns bad, and someone turns up murdered, it’s a frenzy to find out who did it. Secrets are uncovered and true characters shine through. The story is from the POV of a few different characters, and although it was just OK to me, I kind of want to go back and look for clues that I may have missed! There is a trigger warning for self harm. 
  2. This girl by Colleen Hoover :: 9/10⭐️. The third and final installment in the Slammed Series takes Wills perspective. I really liked the format of this book. It seemed almost like a different story in a way, and was way more focused on Will and Lake than the first two books. As always CoHo just knocked it out of the park with a great story!
  3. Hook line and sinker by Tessa Bailey :: 9/10⭐️. The sequel to It Happened One Summer follows Hannah, a music lover who finds a great friendship, and could it be.. more… in Fox. This book was a slow burn for me. The beginning was a little slower but the last half really picked up. Although the characters frustrated me so much, I loved the ending! Such a cute book. Although this book had some spicyyyy scenes, it wasn’t as 🔥 as the first book. 
  4. One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle :: 9.5/10⭐️. After her mothers death, Katy is feeling lost and alone. Her best friend has died and they were both supposed to be taking a trip to Positano Italy very shortly after her passing. Katy decides to take the trip solo, and to her utter amazement, finds her mom there- 30 years younger, but there, in Positano. During her trip, Katy gets to know her mom as her 30 year old self, before the woman she’s known her for 30 years. This book was so beautifully written and honestly makes me want to jump on a plane to the Amalfi Coast! Really don’t have enough good things to say about this book. It really gets you thinking and I just loved the ending. There were some strange parts in the beginning. But overall I loved this book!
  5. The golden couple by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen :: 8.5/10⭐️. Marissa and Matthew Bishop have it all- or so it seems.. When Marissa calls unconventional therapist Avery Chambers, she reveals that she has been unfaithful to her husband. This starts a roller coaster of secretes and half truths and so much more than the couple and the therapist bargained for! I feel like this book had all of the ingredients to make a really great read, but it was missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. The ending was very riveting and kept my interest. It’s a good story, halfway thru the book I stopped to ask where the book was going lol. 
  6. Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine :: 12/10⭐️. Gina Royal loved Melvin Royal. Gina Royal married Melvin Royal. Gina Royal bore the children of Melvin Royal. What Gina Royal did not know was that her husband, Melvin Royal was a serial killer. Now Gina Royal is Gwen Proctor- fierce protector of her two children, overly paranoid women who was acquitted of being an accomplice in Mel’s murders. Now on the run she must decide between her children’s safety and their well-being. OH MY GOD.  Hands down the most gripping book i’ve ever read. HOLY CRAP. And the ending!!! I can not! This fast passed book had my heart pumpingggggg. The charters were really long but at this point I don’t care. I kept guessing until the very end and boy was I wrong! WOW, go get this book! That is all. 
  7. She is me, too by T. M. Shivener :: 9/10⭐️. The ending of this book had me gasping!! I would have never guessed! Winnifred Winters, a true crime podcaster, doesn’t leave her house, but she somehow keeps losing time, and when she wakes up in random places outside her house, in different states even, she becomes panicked. Winnie, her alternate personality takes over in the moments when she is panicked. Winnie is much less afraid and willing to do more, like leave the house. I’m leaving a lot out of this summary, but its so good! The chapters were short and it was a quick and easy read. The ending of this book bad so many twists, and made the book well worth the read!