February 2022 – Book Review

February 2022 - Book Review
February 2022 – Book Review

Back at it again with another book review! I didn’t read as many books this month and it’s probably because I wasn’t a fan of some of the books I read this month- I’m looking at you last 2 books!

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Monthly Book Reviews: JANUARY

  1. Every last secret by A. R. Torre :: 8/10⭐️. Cat and William Winthrope are elite, and appear to have everything. When Neena and Matt Ryder move in, not only to their neighborhood, but also into Williams company, and Neena starts getting a little too comfortable around William, Cat starts to take notice. Is it all in her head? Why do all of these things keep happening..? This book sent me on a roller coaster! I got frustrated at the characters and gasped out loud a couple of times. I kept guessing what was gonna happen until the end. But over all it was a good book!
  2. Regretting You by Colleen Hoover :: 10/10⭐️. The woman can literally do no wrong. I was so insanely engrossed in this story! Morgan Grant was a young mother to now 16 year old Clara Grant- the two have been at odds with each other. But when Morgan’s husband and Claras dad, Chris, gets into a suspicious accident Everyone’s world is turned upside down. Secrets are uncovered and kept, and the warring between mother and daughter feels like it will never end. Truly not a fan of books about grief but I freaking LOVED this book! The writing was incredible, but I would expect nothing less from CoHo. I really felt like it was in the characters heads, and I really felt for them, and cried with them. There was one plot that I didn’t like the resolution of. But everything else I loved. Highly recommend!
  3. The midnight library by Matt Haig :: 10/10⭐️ Nora Seed is not happy in her life. Shes let everyone down, and everything is falling apart. So much so that she doesn’t want to live her life anymore. At that moment Nora finds herself at the Midnight Library, a place with an infinite number of books filled with an infinite number of choices made in each life. She travels through different books and different lives until she finds one that she wants to live in. This book was so inspiring and thought provoking and basically a Pinterest board of inspirational quotes! I loved it! Definitely had A Christmas Carols Ebenezer Scrooge vibes. If you like books that really get you thinking you’ll love this one! Don’t let it’s 289 pages fool you, this book was jam packed from the first chapter! 
  4. Five Total Strangers by Natalie Richards :: 9.5/10⭐️ WOWZA this one has me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Talk about a book that just sucks you in! I literally wondered why I was looking at a sunny day when I looked out my window as opposed to the snowstorm happening in the book! This thriller tells the story of 5 young adults just trying to get home after their connecting flight gets cancelled because of Pennsylvanias worst blizzard. After they rent a car and start driving things, start to go wrong.. seems like someone is trying to sabotage the trip, but who could it be? Gripping is an understatement! SO good!! I kept trying to guess and look for clues as I was reading. There was one part that wasn’t resolved that I need to know. But otherwise I freaking loved this book!
  5. Without Merit by Colleen Hoover :: 7/10⭐️. Probably my least favorite CoHo book so far… Merit Voss, identical twin, and secret keeper of the family is fed up with everything. When she meets Sagan at a thrift shop, feels an attraction and finds out he is very unavailable, she retreats into herself, shutting more people out until one explosive night exposes everything and everyone. I wasn’t a fan of the story line at all. To me it felt a little unrealistic. The chapters were very long. It was just an “eh” for me. 
  6. In the back of my head by I.Y. Maslow :: 7/10⭐️. What in the hell did I just read…  this dark, somewhat disturbing book follows the story line of several characters. Cole, a 17 year old schizophrenic boy keeps having the same nightmare over and over again, a nightmare about a girl and him being held captive- but was it real, was it a hallucination? He launches his own investigation and what he finds is truly chilling. I found this book hard to follow at some points but I guessed the ending towards the end of the book. There’s a major trigger warning for child abuse. The last paragraph had me really wondering – you’ll know what I mean if you read it.. I wouldn’t read it again.