January 2022 – Book Review

January 2022 Book Review

Starting off the first month of the year with the new book review format! Moving for are, i will be posting monthly reviews. This month i read way more books that i thought i would! 10 to be exact- not sure if i can keep this pace up, but i will definitely continue reading all year! Let’s get this book party started: January 2022 book review!

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  1. Bring me Back by BA Paris :: 9.5/10⭐️. Hot damn! This one was a roller coaster! Layla and Finn stop at a gas station, and when Finn gets back from using the bathroom, Layla is gone. 10 years later, and Finn is engaged to Layla sister, Ellen. When a seemingly random object turns up with meaning only to Layla and Ellen, Finn and Ellen start to wonder if Layla is back- where did she go alll those years ago, and what brings her back now..? This one threw me for a loop, and i couldn’t put it down! It kept me guessing until the very end and I certainly did not see that one coming! This novel was a quick read and flips back between the point of views of the characters. BA Paris is one of my favorite thriller authors, and so far none of her books have disappointed! 
  2. Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover :: 10/10⭐️. I think we need a second rating system just for CoHo books. Seriously, the woman can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. I have never been so transfixed by a book. The world could have been caving I’m around me and I don’t even think I would have noticed! Beyah Grims life is as her last name suggests. When life’s curveball has her reaching out to a father she barely knows, she spends 2 months in a place she’s never been. Beyah has been the only person she has to thank for the life she is making for herself but little does she know this summer will change everything. The emotion Colleen Hoover puts into her books is just unmatched. I was sobbing the last few chapters, and really felt for each character and their struggles and triumphs. My goodness SUCH am amazing book! I just… you need to read it now! 😭😍
  3. All your perfects by Colleen Hoover :: 9.5/10⭐️. This book absolutely wrecked me!😭😭😭. Like sobbing, wrecked me – I’m looking at you chapter 28.. This book is the 4th installment in the Hopeless Series. Quinn and Graham meet in a very unexpected and life altering way and are inseparable almost from that moment going forward. When life gets very difficult, secrets are kept, truths, not spoken and their marriage is close to extinction, can a promise they made to each other in the beginning save them..? This book is heavy in infertility, and I’m hesitant to say it’s a safe book to read if you are struggling with that because I don’t know everyone’s individual story, but it may be a good book for people around you too read, because it describes a lot of what most people don’t say. It could also be a relief to read to know what you’re feeling is validated and you’re not alone. It did not have the ending I was expecting, which I appreciated. It’s such a heartbreaking story of struggles and communication and love. I also did not understand how this story fits in with the Hopeless series, but it does, I promise! Colleen Hoover has such a way of writing these stories.
  4. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood :: 7.5/10⭐️ I just didn’t get the hype with this book.. I felt like it was very drawn out and unrealistic. Olive Smith, a PhD candidate, tries to convince her BFF that she is not in love w her ex by kissing the first man she sees, who so happens to be the most hated and difficult professor at Stanford- Adam Carlsen. Olive is surprised when he agrees to be her fake boyfriend for the summer. Olive and Adam get invited to speak at a well known science conference and everything just get flipped upside down.  The truth needs to come out one way or another! The last 31% was good- VERY steamy (I’m looking at you, chapter 16.. 🔥). If you like typical romances, you’ll love this one. It just didn’t do it for me! The chapters were very long, and I felt some of the bulk could have been left out. I did really like that each chapter began with Olives hypothesis of the events that would take place – that was cute. 
  5. Finding perfect by Colleen Hoover :: 10/10⭐️. CoHo does it again!!! And another book that absolutely wrecked me, in just over 100 pages, but in the best way possible😭. The final installment of the Hopeless series continues Daniel and Six’s story. I can not say anything without ruining it, but it’s for sure a MUST READ! Really ties up the series so nicely. Can not recommend enough! PS, bring tissues for the second half of the book!
  6. The dilemma by B.A. Paris :: 7.5/10⭐️. I have come to discover that there are certain types of story lines that I just don’t like, that are just too sad, and this was one of them. All Livia has wanted and dreamed about and saved for was her dream 40th birthday celebration to make up for the lack of a wedding she had to have after getting pregnant young. She did get the party of hers dreams, but she wasn’t the only one hiding a secret that could rock the whole core of her family and friends. Adam, her husband, also has his own life altering secret. If you like sad, you’ll like this one. The writing is very good, and you really feel the characters souls. It just wasn’t for me. With this book I have read all of B.A. Paris’ books and I highly recommend all of them (tho this one was my least favorite).
  7. Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover :: 9.5/10⭐️. Again another CoHo book has left me in tears! Kenna Rowan made a tragic mistake 5 years ago that sent her to prison. She’s now released, and has returned to the town where it all happened in hopes of seeing her 4 year old daughter who she never met. She randomly stumbles into a bar one night, and that changes her life forever. Ledger Ward, the bars owner, seems to be the only person willing to hear her out. But the connection that they begin to feel could have devastating consequences. I thought the book started off a little slow to me, which is why I took the 0.5 stars off but the ending did not disappoint at all. Colleen Hoover is known for her books having very heavy topics, which she so eloquently portrays in her characters. This one was no different. The chapters were relatively short and is a quick read. 
  8. It happened one summer by Tessa Bailey :: 9.5/10⭐️. Wowza this was one steamy book, chapter 16 and beyond… my goodness 🔥. Inspired by my favorite show, Schitts Creek, Piper Bellinger, LA socialite, gets sent away to a small PNW fishing town after a wild impromptu party lands her in jail. Pipers sister Hannah tags along and the two find themselves staying above their late fathers bar, in a small apartment that hasn’t been lived in in years. The two meet Brendan, sea captain and unofficial manager of the bar. As time goes on the chemistry between Piper and Brendan is undeniable. But can Piper give up her star studded Instafamous life in LA to live in a small fishing town for the rest of her life..? This book was so heartwarming. There were some similarities between this novel and Schitts creek, but it was a very loose connection. I flew through this book and it really kept my attention! I found myself cheering, yelling, and “aww”ing at the characters as I was reading. Highly recommend! Part 2 is coming out March 2022!
  9. Confess by Colleen Hoover :: 9.5/10⭐️ this book was a slow burn, but in true CoHo fashion, it did not disappoint! Auburn Reed, a 21 year old woman, moves to Dallas knowing very few people and doing what she can to move herself forward. She stumbles across a local art studio, with an interesting story and her interest is peaked when she notices a “help wanted” sign. Owen Gentry, the artist, collects confessions that people write and drop off, and creates paintings from his interpretation of them. Owen also has his own confessions that if revealed could have a great impact on the lives of those closest to him. I was so rooting for the characters the whole time and got really into the book! The chapters were mostly short, and it was an easy read!
  10. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren :: 9.5/10⭐️. This was a cute book! Different than I expected but I loved it! Ami and Dane get married it’s everything Ami wants, until a bad batch of shrimp food poisons their entire wedding! The only 2 people who do not get sick are Amis identical twin sister, Olive, and Danes brother, Ethan. Ami and Dane were supposed to leave for their free honeymoon (Ami gets lucky and wins a ton of stuff, and this honeymoon was something she won) but they offer the free trip to their siblings, who aren’t on the best of terms. This story has some side stories which I really like, and it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows! I loved the witty humor of the author and it was just a really cute book! The chapters were a little longer, but it was a quick read for me

Counting this trend next month! What should ideas?? Drop your recommendations below!