Book Review – Part 4

Book Review - Part 4
Book Review – Part 4

Part 4 of my book review – let’s do this! I’m going to be starting a different format of these book reviews in the new year! I’m going to be posting monthly reviews of all the books I read during that month moving forward! So excited to continue to read all the things in the new year!

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Lets get into my book review!

  1. Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reed :: 9/10⭐️. This book was so good! It tells the story of the band the Six, how they met Daisy Jones, and what life was like being in a rock band in the 1970s. The writing style was very cool- written as commentary from a rock and roll documentary. I definitely recommend this one, even if you’re not into rock and roll. Although it’s not necessary, I suggest reading Malibu rising first, there is a bit of character cross over in this book, which I love! The book is divided into sections and each section has relatively short stopping points. Just a really cool, honest, and raw story of the minds and hearts of a few rockers.
  2. The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid :: 9.5/10⭐️. My goodness. This heartbreakingly beautiful story tells the complicated life of an award winning uber famous actress of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. It tells the story of Evelyn’s true life and all of the things she is willing to go through in the name of fame and love and furthering her career. Taylor Jenkins Reid continues to prove her incredible ability to tell a story and I really enjoyed reading this book. The ending had me in tears. If you like or don’t like historical fiction, this book is for you. Again there is character cross over from Malibu Rising and Daisy Jones and the Six, so I suggest at least reading Malibu rising first. The chapters were short and it was just such a good book. 
  3. Such a Quiet Place by Megan Miranda :: 7/10⭐️ this book was just ok to me. Ruby Fletcher, convicted murderer of her neighbors, the Truetts, has been set free and is back at Hollows Edge. This quiet community, still reeling from the murders a meer 14 months prior, now on edge because of her return. When Harper Nash, Ruby’s roommate, starts receiving threatening notes under her door, she realizes she must uncover the truth. No one trusts anyone and everyone is fair game. But who is really at fault here..? The second to last chapter is really the only chapter that left my heart pumping. The chapters were a bit on the longer side. It wasnt a bad book by any means, I just really never got into it.  
  4. Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover :: 10/10⭐️. If this book didn’t completely solidify my love for the first book I don’t know what will. My goodness. This book shows Dean Holders viewpoint from the first book, Hopeless. Even though the book is very close to the initial book, it still gave me all the feels. Chills for days and tears! This book is a bit heavier than the first, but seriously so incredibly written and the character development is on point and it’s just such a heartbreaking sweet book. I could go on for days. This is book 2 in a 5 book series. The chapters were mostly short and the last 30% of the book i flew thru in just a couple of hours. At the very least you need to read Hopeless. But man, read this one too. Can not recommend enough!
  5. Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover :: 8/10⭐️. This book is the 3rd in the Hopeless series and follows Daniel, Holders best friend and nickname creator connoisseur, after a random chance encounter in a dark maintenance closet with a mysterious girl who he still thinks about a year later. Fast forward a year and enter Six, an aptly named spunky girl who is about to give Daniel a run for his money. Six holds a deep dark secret that threatens a future that they could have. Didn’t see that one coming! This book had allll the feels! And such a heartbreakingly heartfelt ending, all in just over 100 pages! I wasn’t prepared for it to end as quickly as it did, and was kind of taken off guard when it just ended with 62% of the book left on my kindle (there was a sneak peek of one of her other books that took up the last 38%). So far my least favorite of the series, but still a really great book! The beginning chapters were on the longer side, but in the end they were shorter 
  6. The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell :: 8.5/10 ⭐️. This thriller follows young mother, Tallulah Murray when she and her boyfriend, Zach attend a pool party, and never return home. One year later, there’s a new head teacher at a well known local school, and he and his girlfriend, a mystery novelist, move on to the grounds. The writer then stumbles upon a sign saying “dig here.” What she finds sends her into the biggest mystery. What happened to the missing teens? The suspense builds up more in the second half of the book and did get a little dark at times. It’s more of a mystery book following several timelines from several characters perspectives converging at the end into one. I couldn’t put the last half down! The chapters were relatively short and it would have been a quicker read if I had more time to read it! I definitely recommend if you’re into mystery thrillers!
  7. The last thing he told me by Laura Dave :: 9.5/10⭐️ this thriller follows Hannah Hall, newly wed of 1 year to Owen Michaels, and his 16 year old daughter Bailey (who wants nothing to do with her new stepmom). When the shop Owen works at goes under, and his boss is arrested, Owen disappears leaving a quick note to his wife “Protect Her” is all is says. After a visit from a US Marshal and the FBI, Hannah quickly realizes Owen isn’t who he said he is, and she has to struggle to find out what’s going on and where her husband is, while trying to win over Bailey. This book had me wanting more until the very end! I would have probably read it in a day if I had the time! I loved the character development. The ending totally had me tearing up a bit. This book goes to show the lengths one is willing to take for protection and love. Definitely recommend this book!
  8. People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry :: 9/10⭐️. This romance was just so cute! Poppy and Alex are best friends, they travel together, but they are complete opposites, and now they havent spoken in 2 years. Poppy convinces Alex to go with her on one last trip to save everything and finally speak her truth. I got very invested in the characters in the last half of the book and was really rooting for them. The character development was great and we really got a sense of who and why they were. I loved that there was a small nod to a character in Emily Henry’s previous book “Beach Read” too! The chapters were a bit long for my preference, but it was still a great book!
  9. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty :: 7/10⭐️. This suspenseful thriller follows 9 guests as they embark on their wellness journey at a highly rated health resort called Tranqillium House. Turns out their stay is a lot more work than expected… Although this book was thrilling, it didn’t leave my heart pumping with excited anticipation. I felt it was a little over the top and unbelievable at times.    Although I have not watched the Hulu show, I could definitely see how it could play out on a screen. It was a long book, 450+ pages and some of the chapters were on the longer side. I did enjoy the book, I was just expecting more. 

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Happy reading!