Ways to use Thieves Household Cleaner

Here are all the ways I love to use thieves household cleaner!

Way to use thieves household cleaner
Ways to use Thieves Household Cleaner

When I started switching out my products to nontoxic 3 years ago, my all purpose cleaner was one of the first things I switched! I thought I was doing so good by buying Mrs. Meyers, and Method only to find out that they’re just as bad as those conventional toxic cleaners! I remember the first time I heard about Thieves Cleaner.. I remember thinking WTF is that and why is it called Thieves!?

Well the story goes back to bubonic plague times when a group of spice traders would rob the dead and dying and did not get sick! When they were caught their plea bargain was to give up their secret as to how they did not get sick- and that secret was the spices that are in thieves! I think that’s an awesome story!

Even after using thieves cleaner, I was still a tad skeptical.. how can this non toxic natural cleaner really clean..? Then I came across my very favorite experiment – thieves vs. raw chicken. It’s the coolest experiment and it’s what made me a total believer! I also came across and insta-story of a pediatric NP who swabbed the bottom of the shoes she wears to work- GUYS, nothing grew in the petri dishes that had thieves in them!!! Literally MIND BLOWN! Thieves is incredible and I wish I could give everyone all the thieves they will ever need! Plus it smells divine!

It’s also ridiculously cost effective. The cleaner itself is so concentrated that you only need 1 capful in a 16oz glass spray bottle to clean E V E R Y T H I N G. The whole bottle is 426mL, and the capful is about 10mL which means you can refill your 16oz glass spray bottle 42 times… 42 TIMES! If you’re a member, the bottle costs $22 (for non members it’s $29) making it $0.52 per spray bottle ($0.69 for non members) I mean.. what cleaner do you know that’s $0.52 a freaking bottle..thats not from the dollar store and loaded with toxins..?

My favorite part about using Thieves is that I do not get any headaches when I use it. Really though, if you struggle to clean because the fragrance is too strong, I HIGHLY recommend trying thieves, your life will literally change- mine did. I used to hate cleaning because I hated the smell of all of my products. I remember the first time I cleaned my bathroom with Thieves, I walked away and thought “wait a second, I can still breathe! I don’t have a headache! THIS IS GREAT!!!”

Thieves Household Cleaner is SO versatile. You don’t have to use it JUST as an all purpose cleaner.. and now that my infomercial is over (really guys, I can’t help it, when you love something as much as I love thieves, you want to shout about it from the rooftops! EVERYONE NEEDS THIEVES!) here are a few of my favorite ways to use Thieves!

Ways to use thieves household cleaner
Ways to use thieves household cleaner

these 2 DIYs are super simple and easy to make.

My Thieves cleaner stays on my counter top for easy cleaning after a meal.

The DIY Soft Scrub melts away grime like nobodies business! It even gets caked on food off pans, and dirt off glossy paint- if you haven’t seen that Reel, you’re missing out! Basically if you have a stubborn stain, try soft scrub and t will most likely get it out- seriously it’s amazing!