DIY Plant Growth Spray

DIY Plant Growth Spray

Just this spring I started collecting houseplants. It started with a mini fiddle leaf fig that i got from Trader Joe’s, and my most recent acquisition being the aloe plant that i’ve always wanted which my mom propagated for me! I thought I always had a black thumb, but soon realized that was not the case (still working on not killing succulents tho.. they’re finicky! If you have any advice, i’m all ears!)

I was seeing some posts praising a specific DIY plant growth spray on Instagram, so I decided to try and make it and see how my plants liked it. I’m the type of person who has to see things for myself to believe they work. I put all the ingredients in a 2oz spray bottle and got to spraying. Oh my goodness you guys, I can officially say this spray WORKS!!

In order to grow and photosynthesis properly, the leaves of the plants should be clean and dust free. About once per week, I go in with my plant spray and wipe down every leaf. My fiddle has seen about 4 new leaves, my money tree is shooting new stalks out all over the place, the ZZ plant is thriving, and my umbrella plant has doubled in size! This goes without saying, but a consistent watering schedule also helps! I water mine about once per week, sooner if I can see they are drooping.

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Happy planting, friends!