Monday Meals : Stuffed Pepper Bowl

Stuffed pepper bowl

I created this recipe on a whim tonight and it is officially one of our favorites of all time! I really didn’t measure anything, so this will all be to taste!

Serves ~2-4


+ Avocado Oil

+ 1lb Grass Fed Ground Beef (I used Trader Joe’s)

+ 1 package of frozen peppers (or 1 red, yellow, orange fresh peppers)

+ 1 package (8.5oz) Brown basmati Rice (I get the “Seeds of Change” brand from Costco)- I actually used 2 packages, but I think one would’ve been enough.

+ 1/2-1 cup peas

+ Garlic Powder (Costco)

+ Chopped onion flakes (Costco)

+ No salt Seasoning (Costco)

+ Salt to taste



  • Drizzle Avocado Oil in a 5 Quart skillet
  • Add in 1lb Grass Fed Beef and spices
  • Cook until almost done and add in peppers and peas
  • Cook for 5 minutes and add in rice and 2tbsp of water (or more if needed)
  • Cook for 7 minutes more or until rice is heated.
  • Serve and Enjoy!

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