NON TOXIC living with essential oils

SO, last year I bought an essential oils kit from Young Living and over this last year, i’ve learned SO much about how these little bottles of goodness can do everything from helping you sleep better, to keeping your hormones in check, to supporting your immune system, and even making your skin glow! It sounds crazy, I know, but they really do work! I’ve given so many bottles to friends and family and they too have seen the power of essential oils!

If you would like to try out a starter kit for yourself (you won’t regret it!), I will have instructions at the end of this post!

I joined this community, because of their seed to seal promise. Young Living is the only essential oil company who owns all of their own farms and has complete control of their oils from planting the seed in the ground, to harvesting, distilling, bottling, and sealing the product ready to ship to consumers. Everything is NON TOXIC and actually works!

This whole journey has made me super aware of all of the chemicals present in our products, and the harm they can cause mentally and physically! Since joining, I have swapped out nearly all of my toxic products for clean, healthy, natural products and I feel so much more piece of mind since switching! (Seriously, watch the documentary “Stink” on Netflix, you’ll want to go non-toxic right away! -YIKES)

I use thieves cleaner to clean my ENTIRE house, from windows to floors, countertops to mirrors, and sinks to toilets- EVERYTHING. Plus it smells AMAZING and I feel good breathing it in knowing I’m not inhaling headache inducing chemicals that burn my hands after using them too much!

When I joined Young Living, I signed up for Essential Rewards, which is essentially like a monthly wellness box that I look forward to each month. This program is completely optional, but if you’re going to be ordering regularly from this company, then you might want to consider hopping on board- you get cash back and free products each month depending on how much you spend. I slowly swapped out all  of my products this way and got so much free stuff!

Download the EWG app, or visit their skin deep website to see how toxic the products you’re using are! I was shocked to find that all of mine were 8 or greater (0 being non toxic, 10 being completely toxic). It is also a great resource if you just want to search for a specific type of product. I recommend starting to go non toxic by eliminating everything with Fragrance in it (and don’t be fooled by labels that claim a product to be “natural”  READ YOUR INGREDIENTS!). Oh, and Dr. Bronners is my favorite non toxic soap to use, and it was my gateway ;) into this community!

Have I convinced you?? Want to get your own starter kit to see for yourself??

Here’s how:

  1. Create a member account with Young Living.
    • By becoming a member, there is absolutely commitment or monthly fee, PLUS you get 24% off all YL products! (The only way to become a member is by getting a kit- any kit. You can buy the products without being a member, but you pay full price. You can sign up HERE 🙂
  2. Pick out your starter kit! I personally got the one with the Desert Mist Diffuser, and I LOVE it so much!
  3. Sign up for Essential Rewards- if you want to of course! There is a minimum spend of $50 per month, but when you’re swapping out products, that’s easy to do! Call YL anytime to cancel ER, and there is no penalty or anything!
  4. I’ll get you into the best community of oilers ever! Our Facebook groups is SO knowledgeable and encouraging. Seriously, if you have a problem, this community has probably already solved it, just search the groups!
  5. Once you order your starter kit, I HIGHLY suggest getting this glass kit from Amazon, it has everything you need to start using all of your oils as soon as they come in! (Prime Shipping is quicker than YL shipping ;) ) The oils and glass book and the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide have everything you need to DIY or support whatever ailments need supporting!

I can’t wait for you to start your journey to a non-toxic life with me and this amazing community!