Coworker/Boss Gift Guide

Coworker gift guide Boss gift guide

When I asked you guys on Instagram what other gift guides you wanted to see, you asked for ideas on what to get your coworkers or boss! I tried to round up last minute gift ideas that can be delivered within 2-3 days (think TARGET and AMAZON!).

  1. Winged Clutch – I saw this at target the other day when I was there and loved it! It would be perfect not only for makeup but also for tech things, or even toiletries! It would be a good place to store all of things you bring to and from work each day.
  2. L Zip Tech Puch Wristlet – I saw this at target the other day too! I think it’s the perfect way to protect your tablet. There is even an inside zip pocket where you can store your charger or headphones. Love this!
  3. Pretty Pens – At work, were always scrambling for pens, and I know some people are very particular about their pen situation. It’s always nice to go into a fancy meeting with the big bosses with a nice pen!
  4. Desk Top Boxing – Knock out your stress! I just thought this was cute! Sometimes you just want to hit some people with the things the say or do, well now you can hit a punching bag!
  5. Stainless Steel Tumbler – My husband and I both have one of the 30oz tumblers and LOVE them! Some people struggle to drink enough water at work, so having a tumbler next to you through out the day will ensure that you do! Plus this keeps whatever beverage that’s in there cold or hot for hours!! This would also be good for the coworker or boss who likes to nurse their coffee all day!
  6. 2019 Planner – I buy one of these each year- just a simple monthly calendar so I can keep track of my days off and goings on of the job and my life!
  7. Harry Potter Inspired Shot Glass – Have a coworker who’s a little obsessed with Harry Potter?? I thought these shot glasses were the coolest! Not that I’m condoning drinking at work……… ;)
  8. Tablet Stand – Another gift idea that we have and love! You can see this over on my instagram! It’s a great addition to any desk, home or office. It rotates so you can view your tablet from any angle.
  9. USB Desk Fan –  I have a coworker who actually uses one of these. She LOVES it cause when everyone else is cold, she can just keep the fan on herself!
  10. Wireless Charger – The single most asked question I get at work (besides “help me lose weight!”) is “do you have a charger?” so why not get a wireless charger! You don’t have to look for lightening cables to plug in anywhere, just pop this bad boy out and charge away! This one is under $10 and can be used by most phones, including iPhone and Samsung!
  11. Funny Mug –  I actually got my fellow dietitians an RD mug when we graduated from grad school and they thought they were the coolest! They have them for multiple professions, but I work in a nursing home, so I including the nursing one! I got my exact one on Etsy, but these amazon ones are SUPER similar! They even have one for medicine and law!
  12. Office Desk Pad – I actually didn’t even know these existed until my Husband ordered one- they’re actually pretty cool! It’s just a giant mouse pad and perfect for any desk; cause who hates a mousepad that you have to keep moving around!?
  13. Monogram Mug & Gift Card – This is a no brainer and can be given to anyone from family to teachers and coworkers. If you don’t want to do a gift card, toss some of their favorite candy, or hair accessories or something and you’ll be good to go!
  14. SriRacha Keychain – Cause there’s always that one person in the office who is obsessed with hot sauce…
  15. Mixology Dice – I thought this was cool, it’s a set of dice with different drink ingredients, and when you role the dice, you can make the drink shown. Not necessarily just for coworkers, but a fun gift for anyone!
  16. Office Mad Libs – I was reading the reviews on these and some people said these were used as team builders in the office! A nice way to break the ice if tensions are running high!
  17. Funny Office Notebook – Everyone at my job needs one of these… not saying anymore!

I asked a bunch of people at work what they would want as gifts or if they had any ideas for coworker gifts and the guys mostly said that they would want cologne, a hat/scarf/glove set, or a sweater! The women that I asked mostly said that it depends on the person, and to see what they like and personalize something for them!

Here are some additional ideas!

I hope this gift guide was helpful!