Old Navy Friends & Family Sale

Old Navy is killing it with their fall/winter line! Right now the whole store is on sale for 30% off if you’re not a card holder, and 50% off if you are a card holder with code CARD

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Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket

Wearing: Small

Fit: Runs Small, size up 1 (unless you have really narrow shoulders)

I was really excited to try this sherpa on, but the fit on me was kind of off… The sherpa itself is really warm, but I wish there was some kind of warm layer in the sleeves, not necessarily sherpa, but some kind of quilted layer of warmth- but thats just me. The sleeves are a little too short for my liking, but thats the case with most old navy denim jackets. The denim is pretty soft and malleable, and if you have shorter arms, girl, get this! 

Sherpa Lined Black Denim Jacket

Wearing: xs

Fit: runs small, size up 1, unless you have narrow shoulders

This black denim is super soft, and comfy, and the sherpa is very warm, but, like the sherpa above, it only extends to the body and the arms are regular denim. The jacket does run small, especially in the shoulders, so unless you have narrow shoulders, I suggest sizing up! Overall I do like this jacket, I just wish it had warmth in the sleeves!

Mock Neck Sweater

Wearing: L-small; R-xs

Fit: Runs small, I suggest sizing up

I tried on the size xs first (grey and black sweater) and liked the fit, but as soon as I tried on the grey and yellow in the small, I knew I loved the bigger size better! It’s just so much cozier! The fabric seems like it MIGHT shrink up in the wash, so I don’t suggest putting this guy in the dryer. I love the colors of these. But they are very soft and lightweight. 

Sweater Knit Pom Pom Beanie

These hats are the cutest!!! The black stripes on the white hat are chenille. The hats are knit on the inside and outside, and are comfy to wear. I can’t speak for warmth, as it was not all that cold today!

Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater

Wearing: small

Fit: runs small, size up 1

I’ve seen this sweater on everyone, so I thought I would try it on to give you my opinion on it! Old Navy comes out with basic sweaters like this every year and this years has the cutest braided pattern! It does run slightly small, so I sized up in this one. The color of this one is ivory and it has little black specks scattered throughout. It’s perfect layered with their flannels! It’s a light/medium weight sweater, and it seems like it would hold up in the wash.

Sherpa 1/4 zip Mock Neck Popover Sweater

Wearing: small

Fit: TTS, go with your normal size or size up 1

I went to the store today on a mission to try this one, and I was SO happy they had it! I tried on the small, and purchased the small, but I probably could have just gone with my normal size. Its SUPER lightweight, like it feels like nothing, but its very warm at the same time. It’s definitely more of a fleece material as opposed to actual sherpa- the collar IS sherpa though. It has 2 pockets, and the zipper seems like its good quality.

I did feel the solid colors, but they didn’t feel as soft as this one. They did seem more sherpa-y thought.

Faux Fur Vest

Wearing: girls xl (14)

Fit: fits like a loft xxs/xs petite

I am ALL for spending less on things if I can find them in the kids section! Shoes (I’m a 7.5, and wear a kids size 5/5.5), vests (I pretty much just go for the biggest size), easy stuff like that is easy to find in the kids section if you’re an xxs-s petite-regular.  This particular vest comes in 1 size bigger but they did not have it in my store, so I would have been better off with the xxl (16). But the vest itself is pretty good quality!! The fur is very soft, and the inside is lined with a satiny material. 

Relaxed Classic Brushed Twill Shirt

Wearing: xs

Fit:  TTS

I LOVE THIS FLANNEL!!! Its long enough to wear with leggings. Its SUPER soft and lightweight. And the colors are the best!!! I couldn’t recommend this enough!

Waist Defined Flute Sleeve Dress

Other dresses with this pattern here and here

Wearing: xs

Fit: TTS

I just love the pattern of this dress! It couldn’t be more perfect for fall and thanksgiving! The fabric seems heavier than regular poly dresses. The buttons on this dress are functional. I am wearing the regular length, but If you are 5’4″ or shorter, definitely get the petite, especially if you plan on wearing them with OTK boots. 

Textured Stitched Turtleneck Sweater

Wearing: small

Fit: TTS

This sweater is very lightweight, long enough to wear with leggings, and perfect if you want to wear a turtleneck but don’t want the bulk of one. Itis very thin, So I would suggest a nude bra or undershirt. I did size up in this one, and I really do like the fit!

Slim Fit Curved Hem Thermal Tee 

Wearing: Small

Fit:  runs small, size up 1

This is a true thermal and runs teeny! Its’ not the softest but I still love the way it fits.

Patterned Thermal Knit Sleep Leggings 

Wearing: xs

Fit: TTS

 I’ve been wanting a pair of buffalo thermals for the longest time! These are also a true thermal. For length reference, I and 5’3′” and they hit me just at the ankle- they’re perfect on me. They are a mid/high rise but they don’t suck you in like leggings would. The only thing that bothers me is that the plaid in the front turns in, like it’s not straight. They are lightweight, but would be SO cute on Christmas morning!

Printed Sweater Knit Pom Pom Beanie

Packable Frost Free Jacket

Wearing: xs

Fit: TTS

I’ve had my eye on this jacket since I saw it on the website. It is very lightweight and would be perfect for those 50 degree days. I love the rose gold detail and the jacket itself is super soft. It has 2 zippers pockets on the outsider and 3 inside pockets on the interior. My only issue is that the main color is more blue than it is grey and I did not like the way it looked with my black pants. It’s definitely coming across more grey in this photo, but in person it looks more navy.

What did you pick up from the sale??

Thanks so much for reading!