Fall Fashion: The Coatigan

Wide Brim Western Hat

Open Front Cardi-Coat

V-Neck London Tee

Ab-Solution Skinny Jeans

Marlo Tan Over The Knee Boots

Bone Links Necklace

Never have I ever been more obsessed with a shoot then I am with this one! I don’t know if thats because I haven’t taken outside pictures with an actual D-SLR in over a year and a half, or what, but I LOVE!

Anyway, we took these photos first, then ventured up the hill to this really cool spot where I wanted to shoot, and well, you saw on my insta stories just how windy it was… According to my phone it was 48 degrees- and WINDY AF, this coatigan kept me WAY warmer than I thought it would! All I had under it was an elbow length tee, and shockingly it wasn’t bad!
It’s made of super thick cotton knit and it feels more like a coat. The best part is that it is machine washable! 🙌
I’m wearing my true size xs, and I still have plenty of room to layer even a thicker sweater under it. I do love the way it fits though! Highly recommend this one, especially if you live somewhere warmer!

Wide Brim Western Hat

Open Front Cardi-Coat – TTS (if between sizes, go down), wearing xs

V-Neck London Tee – TTS, wearing xs

Ab-Solution Skinny Jeans – TTS (if between sizes go down) wearing regular length

Marlo Tan Over The Knee Boots – go up 1/2-1 size (I’m a 7.5 and I got the 38)

Bone Links Necklace