Four Eyes

As we all know quite well, I wear glasses- duh ;P, and picking out frames is a somewhat daunting task for someone as blind as me. I have to wear my contacts in order to try on glasses at all otherwise I won’t be able to see what I look like! I am also somewhat picky when it comes to frames, I have a small face and sometimes I feel like all the frames are made for people with bigger faces than me. Anyway, I was browsing Warby Parker and I noticed that their new Fall Collection was out, I took a look and LOVED what I saw!

Although I had literally JUST purchased two new frames from my Ophthalmologist (as seen below), I knew what to look for in styles that I liked since the glasses picking process is still fresh in my mind.

Warby Parker is an alternative to those overpriced eyeglass parlors. Their prescription glasses start at just $95, and frankly, I wish I had known about them sooner.. (You can read more about their story here). 

If you don’t have time for a trip to your local store, you can get their glasses shipped right to your house! They allow 5 glasses to try on, for 5 days, shipped for free right to your door, so its easier and cheaper than ever to get a new pair of glasses!

Below are a few of my favorite picks from Warby Parker’s new Fall Collection. This collection focuses on details and boy did I notice that when I was browsing the new products!

If you can’t tell from any of my pictures in which I’m wearing glasses, I have a thing for tortoise shell. Being that I am on the paler side, I think tortoise works where black is too harsh against my skin tone. Warby Parker had SO many tortoise frames!

I love that these have clear rim accents! They would be great for someone with a paler complexion or for someone who just wants to make a statement!

Both of these frames also follow that tortoise shell theme I got goin’ !

These caught my eye because of the clear nose bridge! I had never seen anything like that! Definitely a statement maker!

My second pair (I haven’t taken picture with them yet) actually look just like these! I was so excited to see these in the collection! I love the grey color (I spoke a little more about my grey obsession in this post) and the brushed detail is really cool! I especially like that they are not too dark, the brushed detail lightens things up a bit where it counts.

I hope all you gals with four eyes found this post helpful!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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