Weekend Wanderings #12

Let’s Chat!

  • This post is so funny. Coming from someone who is not on snapchat and has no desire to go on, this is pretty funny!
  • I just finished THIS book, And it really is as life changing as the name suggests! While reading it, I had this itch to get up and just get rid of everything in my house.  If you need help cleaning and getting rid of stuff, just read this book, it’ll provide MAJOR Inspiration! 
  • This bomber jacket is perfection. Pure perfection. 

Bloggers I love:

  • SO excited for Chelsea’s upcoming collab!
  • I’m not a big fan of the atheleisure trend, but Abbie really nailed it! Love her comfy look!
  • LOVE Mel’s chic look!!
  • Preach, Kallie! Preach!