Shades of Grey

Sweater: Express

Scarf: JoeFresh

Tee: Zara

Happy Monday!

It was absolutely FREEZING this past weekend! I woke up yesterday morning to a 7* reading on my thermometer and thought I was seeing things! There HAD to be a number missing from that digital display- but, nope- 7* it was and 7* it felt!

Apparently I have a thing about marled sweaters lately, as evidenced here, here and today… They fit my neutral style nicely 🙂

It’s funny, living in NYC (especially when you go to Manhattan), you kind of feel like you can get away with wearing anything. All black is a real thing, and you can basically wear whatever you want and no one will look at you funny cause it’s the norm. 

Anyways.. Thanks so much for stopping by!