Weekend Wanderings #7

Let’s Talk!

  • Sorry for the radio silence last week, I had a lot of life to catch up on after getting engaged! (Thank you to everyone who left sweet comments!! We felt so loved!)
  • I would LOVE to hear  how your Christmas went! I didn’t really ask for much this year cause I did A LOT of damage before Christmas… whoops ;) But gift giving is my favorite part of the holiday!

Bloggers I love

  • I know its Christmas Day, but Ingrid posted an awesome video about wrapping gifts. She had some amazing ideas that could probably be useful all year round!
  • I’m SO excited for KathleenLight’s new collaboration with ColorPOP that launches tomorrow!!
  • I say this every week, but again JACY!! That background is killer and so is that outfit, girl!

Thank you again SO much for stopping by! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!