Weekend Wanderings #2


  • I dropped into LOFT the other day cause I saw a shirt that I liked, didn’t get, the regretted not getting… And it was sold out – literally the worst feeling ever!
  • Closet cleanout from last weekend, kinda turned into a week (and maybe month) long task. It’s SO hard to get rid of some stuff!
  • Got these OTK boots from Forever21, and I CANNOT wait to wear them!
  • OK! tell me if I’m the only one who feels this way (that means I’m about to ramble): Does anyone else see all these cute fashion ideas/inspiration, and you’re all like “yeah! I can recreate that!” the you look in your closet and you’re like “oh wait, no I can’t.” As if you think you have different stuff then you actually do… Does that even make sense?!?
  • On that note… I’ve been pinning A TON of neutral inspiration lately, and by lately, I mean since like, June…


  • Rach looks totally gorgeous on her wedding day!
  • Also love Rach Parcell’s edgy/neutral Fall look, probably because I love all things edgy & neutral!