Weekend Wanderings

Hello there! I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog, to help you guys get to know me better, Just a little place where I talk about things I’m loving, what I’m doing, anything cool that I’ve seen while WANDERING (see what I did there?!) the internet, stuff like that.. What do you think??

For the first weekend of this little series… LET’S TALK!

  • Anyone else obsessed with the Chloe Susanna Boot?? I found a dupe, and I’m SO tempted to pull the trigger (just wish they were  A LITTLE  cheaper)!
  • The biggest highlight of this weekend will be my HUGE closet cleanout. There is nothing more satisfying than organizing and putting everything in its place.
  • I’ve decided I need the iPhone 6, just so I can track how many flights of stairs I climb at work- seriously it’s a lot- I hate elevators.
  • I ordered these flats this past week and I CAN NOT wait for them to get here- reviews say they’re so comfy!
  • I really want to buy some firefly lights, they’re just too cool and they add so much to a space!


  • Jacy killed it in her neutral ensemble! That jacket is to die for!
  • Just started following Lisa over at  MindBodySwag– her street style is so perfect!

I’ve got a few fun posts for your guys, but is there anything you want to see on this little blog of mine??

Thanks SO much for reading!