A Long Cardigan & F21 OTK Boot Review

Boyfriends photography skillz

Long Cardigan: Old Navy

Long Sleeved Tee: Target

Scarf: F21

Skinnies: American Eagle

OTK Boots: Forever21 (under $50!!) See Review Below

Hat: Old Navy

Happy Monday!!

I’m FINALLY wearing my F21 OTK Boots (another dupe for the Stuart Weitzman lowland boots!)

I have to be honest, when I first put these on, I thought they were going to be the most uncomfortable things I have ever worn, mainly because you can feel the back heel part as soon as you slip them on, but I wore them for a while this weekend and they actually wound up being very comfortable! You really only feel that hard part when you put them on. I ordered my usual 7.5 and they fit very true to size. 

One thing I wasn’t expecting was that they make a clicky noise when you walk on hard surfaces, I was expecting them to be rubber and not make any noise.

The quality is pretty good too. The faux suede is soft and the boots stay up on your thigh.  They fit pretty tight to my leg, but not too tight where it would make your pants bunch, plus there is a zipper on the inner portion of the boot that runs about half way up the boot that makes it super easy to adjust yor pants from the bottom, and I’m pretty sure the boots would have been impossible to get on if this zipper wasn’t there. I did notice some stretching as the day wore on, but I’m not sure if it was always like that or I had just noticed it, will report back with more wear, but for $44 ya can’t really complain!

In my opinion, they are a must buy!

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