This is the sad face you make when Boyfriend tells you he’s getting eaten alive by mosquitos :( 

Trapeze dress: American Eagle (OBSESSED)

Sandals: American Eagle (old) Similar Here

Bag: Coach

Necklace: Target (super old)

Sunglasses: RayBan

Nails: Essie ‘Luxedo’

First off, thanks so much to all of you who made suggestions as to how to redo my blog! I’ll definitely be looking into everything!

When one gets her first mani/pedi of the season, she must document said mani/pedi with a blog post ;). I know I’m a little late this season, but hey, better late than never, right??

This is actually the first time in a good 6 months or so that I wore my contacts, and I don’t know about you other contact/glasses wearers, but every time I wear my contacts after not wearing them for a while, everything feels so big and flat! I think I remember feeling the opposite when I started wearing my glasses, everything was so small, but still… 

Anyways, I hope you had a great weekend!

Thanks so much for reading!