Recent Purchases

Plain white tee

Pleated Hem sweater

Black V Neck sweater

White V Neck sweater (yes both colors were necessary)

Ripped Jeans

Mesh sweater

Sweater tank top (I’m sensing a sweater theme here…)

Pointed toe flats (pretty darn comfy for a pointed flat!)



Now that #NSale is in full swing for the rest of you non-cardholders, I thought I would do a little collection of my recent purchases, most of which being from Nordstrom and Banana.

If you’ve been around recently, you know that I also bought this dress (which im contemplating getting in the striped color), this dress, and this dress from this post (hopefully both dresses come back in stock, so keep checking back- or check your local store!)

I also bought these booties in both colors and forgot to put them in the collage above- oops.

More NSale goodies include this beauty blender set and this RM pouch.

You can see my full lust list here!

Whats your favorite item? 

Did you get anything good, or do you recommend anything?? Leave mea comment :)

ENJOY and Happy shopping! ;)