Best of… Flared denim

It appears flared denim is making a comeback. While I do love the lines of skinny jeans and can never give them up, flared jeans just add a new feel to an outfit. 

Quick story: I wanted “bell bottoms,” as I used to call them, in the worst way when I was younger. I’ll never forget for Christmas when I was in 4th grade, I opened a box from my aunt and there, staring back at me, were flared leggings. I screamed so loud! Wore those things to DEATH that year. 

I was always too little to fit into jeans, they were either too baggy or too short, and these leggings just fit like a dream! While I still have problems fitting into jeans, especially boyfriend jeans– seriously, I’m still looking for the perfect pair… I have found good fits in American eagle, BlankNYC (dying to try THESE from Blank!), Paige, Rag+Bone (although the latter 2, I try to only buy when deeply discounted) 

Below I have rounded up a few pairs of flares (hey! That rhymes!) DYING for this pair from #NSale… But i’ve already spent so much 🙈

one | two | three | four | five

six | seven | eight

Of course you’ll need some pointy toe heels or flats to go with these flares!

These are my favorite heels and I just got these in the mail and they’re WAY comfier than I was expecting- perfect for these jeans! [Both fit true to size]

Will you be rocking flares this season??

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks so much for reading!