Neutral Layers

Turtleneck Sweater: J.Crew Factory (yes I do have 2 other colors)

Chambray: Loft

Coated Skinnies: Vigoss

Hat: Express

Booties: Ash Sold Here and Here also

Watch: Michael Kors

I actually wore this outfit on Valentine’s Day! I had a surprise birthday party to go to, and just didn’t feel like wearing red or pink; besides neutrals are way more me :)

These booties arrived Friday night, so I knew I wanted to wear them for the party! They’re slightly less comfy than I imagined, not on the sole, but at the top of the bootie, there isn’t much give, but I guess I’m a slave to fashion- they looked hot so I wore them and suffered, and I will continue to wear them and suffer!

Do you have a favorite item that doesn’t feel right, but looks good???

Thanks so much for reading!