Being a Guest | What to bring!

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With the Holiday season comes visits to and from relatives and that is always my favorite part! 

It can, however, get a little tricky thinking of things to bring… What do they need? 

Will there be too much food? Should I really bring that extra dessert?? Have no fear, I have a few 

tips on what to bring when going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house!

1. Think homemade | It’s always best, if possible, to bring something that you made yourself! 

Be that a beautiful wreath, or cute holiday treats that serve as both a 

decoration and an edible dessert- so your host’s don’t feel overwhelmed with the 

amount of food they might have.

My mom and I made THESE for Thanksgiving last year and they were a HUGE hit!

2. Flowers | If homemade isn’t your thing, try something decorative! A beautiful holiday bouquet

 would make a nice addition to any table setting or buffet table! Or even an ornament to 

decorate their tree with or some kind of holiday decoration would be thoughtful and appropriate.
Of course, don’t forget to follow up with
a thoughtful thank you,
which will be a perfect addition to
 your host’s holiday card collection!

3. Wine | Even if you don’t drink, chances are SOMEONE at your get together will drink it! 

Any kind of wine will do because different wines could be used with different courses.

4. Games | If you have a game that you know would be fun for a group to play, bring it along! 

I know my favorite game to play with a group is Scattergories! Every party has a down 

time at some point, so a fun game would add a little fun to the party (not that it’s not already fun!)

5. Signature | If you have a signature dessert or dish, ask your host if you can bring something, 

but keep it a surprise! Be that a secret family recipe or a cute dessert you saw on Pinterest

a signature dish is a thoughtful thing to bring to any get together!

I hope these tips will help you during this Holiday season!

As always, Thanks for stopping by!