Flats… in the Summer?? YES!

Jenilee’s Chic Boutique Bow Back Tank 

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Gap Perforated Flats (25% off with code WEEK !!)

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Michael Kors Watch

Essie Fiji

I have found the most PERFECT flats for summer time!

If youre anything like me you HATE changing shoes when you go to work… I’d much rather wear my shoes all day then change when I get to work and when I leave. 

I’ve been looking for flats that won’t bake my feet when the thermometer hits 95 degrees and I still don’t want to pull out the sandals for the trek to and from work- and I found them!

The perforated suede lets enough of a breeze in so your feet wont get too hot! They’re pretty comfy too- I think I’ll need to break them in, but hey, definitely worth it in my opinion! Will definitely be getting more colors when they stock my size!

Apparently everyone else thinks they’re perfect for summer too ’cause they’ve been sold out in Gap stores for a while- they keep putting new sizes up online so keep checking back!! 

Do you have a favorite summer time flat??

Thanks so much for reading!