Winter Neutrals

Look how teeny that giant snow pile has gotten! Last seen here, here, and here

Sweater: Old Navy Buy Here

Jeans: Old Navy Buy Here

Belt: Target Buy Here

Boots: Marc Fisher via Macy’s Buy Here

Necklace: Practically identical Here, and Here

Bracelet: c/o Mindy Mae’s Market Buy Here

Pave Bracelet: Urban Peach Boutique Buy Here

What I’m about to say has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post what-so-ever. But I am SO happy it’s getting lighter at night! I remember right before school ended, so middle of December, I would get home from work at like 4:15ish and by the time I got out of the shower it would be dark- yuck, so depressing… But now its light out past 5!! wahoo!

Who else is excited by this!? 

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