Here are just a few of my favorites from Chloe + Isabel by Victoria ! TRUST ME there are many more favorites (but Polyvore did not have them on their site :( )

Pink Bracelet: Buy Here

Necklace: Buy Here

Flower Bracelet: Buy here

Flower Earrings: Buy Here

Disc Earrings: Buy Here

Layered Necklace: Buy here

Coral Necklace: Buy Here

Coral Branch Necklace: Buy Here

Fringe Necklace: Buy Here

Tassel Necklace: Buy Here

Disc Necklace: Buy Here

Gold Necklace: Buy Here 

Gold& Silver Necklace: Buy Here

Braided Bracelet: Buy Here

Oval Bracelet: Buy Here

Pearl Bracelet: Buy Here

Top Bracelet: Buy Here- They also have other really cute color options!

Bottom Bracelet: Buy Here

Gold Ring: Buy Here

Cluster Necklace: Buy Here

Tri colored Rings: Buy Here

Flower Earrings: Buy Here 

Blue Bracelet:Buy Here

Mint/Black Bracelet: Buy Here

Cluster Bracelet: Buy Here

Flower Necklace: Buy Here

Cocktail Ring: Buy Here

Mint Earrings: Buy Here 

Shell Bracelet: Buy Here

Flower Bracelet: Buy Here


In order to be entered into the giveaway you must make a purchase at Chloe + Isabel by Victoria between May 19th and May 22nd. The more separate orders you make the more chances you have of winning this gorgeous necklace!

When checking out make sure you enter my name “Liz C” as a Hostess and “Victoria Russell” as the merchandiser in order for your order to count!

Check out her site now and see what you like!


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