Stripes, tiers, & how to tie a regular belt!

So I showed you how to tie a skinny belt HERE and now I’m teaching you how to tie a regular sized belt!

Still completely LOVING this weather! But it ain’t gonna last..

Striped Tee: Gap Outlet (recent)

Tiered Skirt: H&M (my bargain during their 50% off sale!)

Shoes: Target Buy Here

Belt: H&M (recent- mine was $9.95)

Bag: Target Find in store

Necklace: Charlotte Russe (old)

Watch: Michael Kors Buy Here

Bracelet: T+J Designs Buy Here

Strand Gold Bracelet: NY&Co. (I bought it last year- but I’ve seen on in store)

How to tie a regular sized belt:

– Put the belt through the buckle

– Push the needle down

– And lay the belt over it

– Then, going from the bottom up, loop the belt

– Pull it tight

– Then knot it- just like with a skinny belt

– This is where it differs- When knotting it, pull the belt through the strap to secure it

– Pull it tight 

– & you just tied a regular belt!

Hope you got it!

Thanks for stopping by!!