Not Sprinkles, but Sparkles & Sequins!

So after the 6th attempt this morning at the sock bun, I finally got it to look half way decent! Just stay tuned for a tutorial and I’ll teach all of you how to do it too!

This outfit is a mix of old and new- believe it or not, but this Coach wristlet I had to dig out of my closet- It was my wallet in high school! But I actually really like this outfit, the t-shirt has a hint of sparkle with the sequins and the vest pretty warm! Hopefully today is that last day of this cold snap we’ve been experiencing- I am SO ready for spring clothes!

In some of these pictures I look so short.. what gives?!?

T-shirt: Old Navy Buy Here- ON SALE!

Vest: American Eagle (Super old)

Jeans:American Eagle (old) Similar Here

Sneakers: Converse via Delia’s Buy Here As you can see mine are getting pretty ratty looking- but I have a reserev pair in my closet.. Love these sneaks!

Necklace: T+J Designs Buy Here- ON SALE!

Spike Bracelet: Forever21 Buy Here

Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet

Watch: Fossil

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