Friday, January 29, 2016

Weekend Wanderings #9

Lets Talk!

  • I've been on the hunt for a short sleeve chambray, and I think I found a really good one! I really hope it fits/looks as good as I'm picturing it!!
  • I've also been on the hunt for the perfect pair of chunky black booties... I think I found them too.. I had a lot of time on my hands ok!? With the snow and all... #Blizzard2016
  • With all that extra time on my hands, I also went thru my entire closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff (thanks for all your help, Maria!!). I saw this article a few weeks back and it got me really inspired to just purge all my unworn clothes! It felt so good, and it even inspired some outfits! Can't wait to share them with you guys!

Bloggers I love:

Let me preface this section of the post by asking, have you ever had one of those days where you go shopping and you love EVERYTHING the stores have and you got amazing deals and it was just an overall awesome trip..? Well thats how this weeks blogs felt to me (and the damage I did shopping.. #BlameJonas).. Without further adieu: the massive amount of blogs I loved this week ..
  • LOVE Kat's striped look!
  • Jacy's new blog design is so cute!
  • Also OBSESSED with Christine's laid back leather look! 
  • I have been following Erica for a while on instagram and just recently started following her blog, and I'M OBSESSED! Hello neutral blogger!!!I love the coziness and edginess of her outfits! So chic!
  • Kelly posted this amazing guide to make neutrals pop against neutrals. Such a great post, I'll definitely be referring back to this post when I'm in a style rut!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Banana Republic Sweater Similar
Lucky Brand Cords
Sorel Conquest Carley Boot c/o
Old Navy Scarf

We got our first snow fall this season the other day, and I didn't get the chance to take pictures in it! I actually didn't even know it was supposed to snow, and was totally unprepared shoe wise- whoops! 
You know I was going to break out these boots the second I could though! I've been wanting and needing these boots since last winter and I honestly wasn't sure I would even get the chance to wear them this winter!

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekend Wanderings #8

Let's Talk!
  • My best friend got me the cutest necklace for my engagement! I just about died when I saw the itty bitty engagement ring over a circle with the date we got engaged!
  • Would you guys want to see "Wedding Wednesday" posts? I usually forgo those posts on other blogs as I'm scrolling, but if you want to see them, I will absolutely do them!
  • We finally set a date for out engagement party and I can't wait for our families to meet!
  • I've been DYING to get my hands on the Urban Decay Heavy Metals glitter eyeliner and my Sephora, and Sephora online are sold out, and Nordstrom is back ordered til beginning of February!

Bloggers I love!
  • OBSESSED with Kendi's outfit, shocker, its neutrals ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hit the Pavement

Poncho: Old Navy
Skinnies: AG
Tee: Target

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Winter Fur

Faux Fur Vest: Old Navy
Turtleneck: J.Crew
OTK Boots: F21
Necklace: c/o Mirina Collections (receive 20% off sitewide with code eli20xo)

Happy New Year!

You can't tell from these pictures, but I was actually freezing my butt off! A day in the low 40s when you're used to 50+ is no fun, especially when it's windy!

I wore this outfit the day after New Years Day to do some venue searching for Dan and I's engagement party, then later when we went out to dinner with friends!

BTW... this necklace is awesome, I honestly was expecting this necklace to be 10lbs, but it literally weighs nothing! It's the most comfortable statement necklace I own- seriously!
Their stuff is kind of pricy- BUT you can get 20% off sitewide with code eli20xo
I honestly think the price is worth it for the quality- especially if you're an avid statement necklace wearer!

Speaking of engagement party... I may or may not have ordered 3 white dresses as potential party dresses, but I'm on the fence about ordering something fancier. I LOVE Adrianna Papell for super sparkly special occasion dresses, and I have my eye on one... You'll just have to wait and see which one I choose!

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