Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites - January

I'm starting a new series on the blog... my Monthly Favorites! It will be on the last Friday of the month and I will show you all of my favorite things from the previous month! I'm excited to get started!

January Favorites


1. J.Crew Garnet Flame Plaid Shirt: I first saw this shirt in one 
of SarahBelle's videos and I immediately fell in love with it! 
I've worn it soo much since it came in the mail. They may have 
a few still in stock in local stores, but they've been sold out online 
for a while now.

2 & 3. J.Crew Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks have been my go
 to this winter since its been so freakin cold! Spring really 
can not come fast enough this year. I love to layer these 
turtlenecks since they're so thin. They really keep your neck 
warm, especially if you don't want to wear a huge scarf. 
They're super cheap now too- I highly recommend!

4. Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base
HOLY GRAIL. This is by far hands down the best primer 
around (and the only one I've ever tried...) I have REALLY 
oily skin and I hated wearing eye shadow 'cause it would crease 
within the hour of me putting it on and it would just look 
bad. My co-worker introduced me to eye primer ('cause, lets 
face it, I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to 
make up) and I have been OBSESSED ever since. 
The last time I wore this stuff, I went 8 hours without 
my eye shadow creasing- 8 HOURS! That's pretty awesome 
in my book!
If you have oily skin and a problem with creasing eye shadow 
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this stuff! I got it for $20-25, 
which yeah, is kinda pricy, but a little bit goes a long way, and 
it's the most miraculous product I've ever used. Now after a 
review like that, how can you not go check it out?!

5. Julep Cleopatra: A matte black nail polish. 
It seriously looks amazing on! My only complaint
 is that it loses its matte finish after a few days. I usually keep
 my nail polish on for 5-7 days and it starts to get shiny 
by day 3 or 4. If you're someone who changes their nail 
polish like you change your underwear
 (which I would hope would be everyday...) then 
you wouldn't have this problem. The color is super 
rich and the coverage is great (with 2 coats), it looks 
like satin on your nails- AH-mazing.

6. Nordstrom Utility Vest: If you've been following 
this little blog of mine, you know that I am OBSESSED
 with this vest! Although I got mine for Christmas
 (Thanks Boyfriend!!)  I know it will transition very 
well to spring and even summer! Can't wait to ear this 
puppy all year round! They're sold out of this one online
 and I do not know if stores still carry it but there are a 
few similar options HERE & HERE.

7. Kettle Corn: Random food item. Every single 
night after dinner I have a heaping bowl of 
this stuff. Everyday I pretty much look forward
 to finishing dinner so I can have some.  
Nutritionally speaking, it's just sugar coated
 popcorn, I think theres something like 7 grams
 of sugar per cup serving (don't quote me)
 which really isn't that bad. 
I can't see getting sick of it anytime soon!

8. Pave Link Bracelet: I know I'm kinda late
 to the bandwagon on this one, but I'm so glad 
I purchased this bracelet! When I got it in the 
mail I couldn't believe how sparkly it was! Pictures 
really don't do it justice, ya gotta see the sparklie
s in person- which means ya gotta buy the bracelet ;)

9. Linley Bracelet: Gah! Another sparkler!
 I've seriously worn this baby non stop since 
Mindy Mae's Market sent it over! 
It goes with everything and it's just perfect. 
The quality is phenomenal and its just so pretty!

10 & 11. Nyx Butter Gloss (Eclair & Devils Food Cake): 
So I was never really a big make up girl, but I'm getting 
more into it! I've seen a bunch of amazing reviews 
on YouTube for Nyx Butter Gloss, so I ordered from 
Ulta when they were buy one get one half off (i think). 
I tried them for the first time the other day and 
I can see why everyone gave them such rave reviews! 
Super soft on your lips and they smell SO good! 
I ordered the darkest color (devils food cake) 
'cause, well, why not- YOLO! (don't worry I'll never 
do that again...) and the lighter shade (eclair) which 
reminds me of a nude-ish color, and I've been on 
the hunt for a good light gloss. I really love them. 
Definitely try them out if you get the chance!

12. Fleece Lined Leggins: What can I say that 
I haven't already said about the most comfortable
 leggings n the whole wide world. 
I got mine at and I jusr ordered 
2 more pairs from Groopdealz, so if thats 
any indication of how much I love them... 
I wear them all the time, but I'm kind of getting
 sick of washing them every-other-day just so I 
can wear them again (hence my reason for re-buying!)

13. Naturalizer 'Jersey' Boot: Worn these 
almost everyday, as I'm sure you've noticed 
#sorrynotsorry :) They fit my calves perfectly in 
skinny jeans and in leggings, and they're warmer 
than I was expecting! They're also super comfy, 
and I think you can get them in the Naturalizer 
outlets if your close to one for cheap!

14. Cover Girl 3 in 1 Stay Fabulous Foundation
Best drugstore foundation around. Has amazing
 coverage (you still need to use spot treatment 
on blemishes though) and does not get cakey. 
I've been using this for the past couple 
of weeks and I dont break out from it - which 
is awesome- and I love the way it looks on my skin! 
If your on the market for a new foundation 
I HIGHLY recommend this one, 
especially if you don't want to break the bank!

15. J.Crew Jeweled Sweatshirt: It's cold, folks, and 
what's better when it's cold than wearing a sweatshirt? 
Oh you can't wear sweatshirts to work? Problem solved! 
A jeweled sweatshirt is perfect for the office (I've only 
worn mine to work so far) ! I love the colors of the 
jewels in this one, AND it's still available online!

What are you favorites this month??

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