Sunday, November 3, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night...

Cardigan: Old Navy (old) Similar Here
Sweater: Loft Outlet (this past summer)
Tuxedo Stripe Skinnies: Old Navy Buy Here
Heels: JCPenney (no longer available online)
Watch: Fossil
Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet
Rings: Buy Here

... Actually it was day time, and the ground was wet, and it's after Halloween so no more scary... Right?
I know, bad story...
I was in a black mood this morning, so I dressed in all black, except my stripes, those are white. 

I haven't worn these heels in a while and I forgot how high they were... 6 inches, I believe. It was a struggle to walk in them at first! 
Whats the highest heel you own, and do you ever have trouble walking in them??

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