Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summery floral

I'm in such a creative rut! I literally stare at my closet for what feels like hours and hours trying to decide what to wear! Most of my days are spent working and studying so I don't really have time to think up a cute outfit.. When I study, I live in my denim cut offs, they havent made a blog appearance yet but maybe they will ;) 

Hopefully this rut will end soon and I will have more time to pick something cute! :)

How did you get out of your fashion rut??

Tank: American Eagle (old)
Bermuda Shorts: Hollister Co. (old)
Sandals: American Eagle (old)
Belt: H&M (March 2013)
Bag: Target Buy Here
Hat: American Eagle (old)
Necklace: American Eagle (old)
Watch: Michael Kors
Fox Ring: Chloe + Isabel Buy Here
Gold Ring: Chloe + Isabel Buy Here
Knuckle Ring Band: H&M (recent)
Heart Knuckle Ring: Etsy Buy Here

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