Monday, April 1, 2013

How to tie a skinny belt & OOTD

Happy Monday & Happy April Fools day.. What pranks will you be pulling today???

As per a request from one of my friends/followers, I have a little tutorial of how I tie my skinny belts!

Does anyone else have any requests of what I should post.. I'm doing this for you guys!!
Comment below or shoot me an email (subject line "Blog Request"):

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How to tie a belt:

 - Put the belt at your natural waist (the smallest park of your waist)

- Put the belt through the clasp

-Pull it tight

-If Possible, secure the belt with the needle, if not, push the needle down and pull the belt through

- Since this belt is teeny tiny and super long , I can put it through the strap, if the belt is too big and not long enough you can just leave this part out.

- Pull it tight

- Going up, pull the belt through itself...

-then knot it through

- And pull it tight

- Normally, you would stop at the step before this one, but since this belt is super long, I just doubled it.. Again, going from the bottom, up, pull the belt through itself

-Move it over to where the other knot is, and knot it again

 - Pull it tight

 - & viola! You've tied your belt!

Hope these directions were simple enough!

P.S.: The sun kept going in and out, that's why the lighting is different in some of the pictures..

Thanks for stopping by!!