Monday, March 18, 2013

Neons on this chilly Monday.

Second post!! I thought I would try to brighten this Dreary day with some neons! Enjoy!

I wasn't sure how to wear this belt- I think both ways a pretty cute! How do you wear your belts?

Cardigan: Old Navy (gift)
Blouse: Gap Outlet (Friday)
Bag: Target Buy Here This bag is so fabulous! The color is great and it holds more than it looks like it would hold!
Jeans: American Eagle (old)
Booties: TJ Maxx (Sept 2012) I really think these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! They don't feel like heels at all! The brand is WHITE MOUNTAIN if any one is interested!
Watch: Fossil Similar
Bracelets: Pandora (Gift from Boyfriend)
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet (made by friend)
Tiffany Heart Tag Bracelet Buy Here
Necklace: American Eagle (old)

Hope you have a great Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Definitely my current fave bag. I got my sister the green one. For being pretty small it fits a lot.